Can a User have multiple accounts?

Yes, a user can have multiple accounts, and each account should represent a Company/ business/ departments.

Does Sholop offer different type of accounts?

No, Sholop offer only one type of account which is available free of charge for everybody.

Do I need a registered company to activate my account?

No, Any individual can create an account and use it for personal purpose.

Does Sholop offer free services?

Yes, Sholop services including mobile apps are free of charge.

Can I sell the services which have been offered as part of and sholop mobile applications?

No, unless you have written approval from Wise Aspect Limited

What is the role of Wise Aspect limited?

The Wise Aspect limited is our company, and it is the owner of sholop. Sholop is free service offered by Wise Aspect Limited.

Can I modify the Sholop and sell my own version?

No, it is strictly prohibited.

How can I Register myself?

First you should add to you address bar and click on Register now and then please follow instructions, for more information please check the manual.