Organize meetings and events

Organise meetings / events for both commercial or personal purposes. Send meeting and event Invitation including logo and professional picture.

Issue ID badges

Issue ID badge and include your logo/brand-name and picture of your guests to the ID badge.

Meeting management

Add new venue and alter the existing venues
Add new member of staff and update existing list of staff
Check your meeting history.
Organize new meeting or update the current meetings.


Receive and send notification for any meeting changes or profile-change.


  • • SHOLOP is free for both commercial and personal purposes.
  • • SHOLOP helps you to organise your meetings faster and easier.
  • • SHOLOP helps you to organise a professional meeting everywhere such as you office, your headquarters or even the next door coffee shop.
  • • SHOLOP is easily accessible: SHOLOP is easily accessible through SHOOLOP mobile applications and you can use it whenever you want even in the bus.
  • • SHOLOP brings comforts to both yourself and your guests: Once you organised a meeting; meeting/ event invitations will be sent to your guests. And they only need to open their emails and click on “click to find location” button to find the location.

Easy access to the full meeting history.

Organaise meetings with few clicks

Free for both commercial and personal users.

Capture information about your meetings

SHOLOP invitation includes location finder functionality

Issue the ID badges easier than before

Different access level for your staff